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Our Mascot

Giving credit where credit is due.  In 2012, Kathie Ramos and George Scully agreed to put together a skit for Project Thanksgiving, with "Nigel" as the main character.  George would write it.  Kathie would create Nigel.  Ron DiPrimio and his daughter Emily, founder of Little Red Wagon Films, would produce it. Committed to making Nigel unique, Kathie worked tirelessly for months, stitch by stitch, feather by feather, putting him together by hand.  He could walk and talk, sing and dance.  More importantly, he could help promote our annual turkey drive by becoming Project Thanksgiving's official "ambassador".  As a result, he met many people while attending numerous events over the years. Thank you George, Ron and Emily!  And Kathie, I'll never be able to thank you enough for having taken on the Herculean task of creating Nigel!!!  He is truly a work of pure genius!

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